Contribute to Boost

We highly value your contribution to Boost. Don’t hesitate to send in feature requests, open bug reports or pull requests. Any collaboration is welcome in the project.

Bug Reports

As any software product, Boost may comes with bugs and we appreciate your help in finding them. If you want to file a bug report, head over to the related repository and create a new issue. Please provide a clear title and description, steps to reproduce and as many details as possible.

A way to report a bug is sending a failing test that outlines the problem. Even better: open a pull request that solves the the bug.

Boost’s source code is managed and hosted on GitLab:

Coding Style

Boost follows the Standard JavaScript code style. There’s an .eslintrc file in Boost’s root directory which contains the linter configuration. We highly recommend to use ESLint to ensure a consistent coding style in your project.